Front-end Developer 前端开发工程师

Job description

About us

Dashmote is a start-up focusing on the next generation of data products powered by AI technology, with offices in Amsterdam (HQ) and Shanghai. We connect the offline and online worlds by decoding the digital footprint of locations, allowing our enterprise clients to understand the market and make smarter decisions.

With about 60 employees, Dashmote has ambitious plans in the upcoming years and therefore we need to make sure that we have the right people in place to put such plans into practice. Do you want to boost your career by contributing to Dashmote’s core product, used by some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies? Then we're looking for you.

Role Description

As a Front-end Developer, you will participate in the development of Dashmote’s new generation DaaS (Data as a Service) application. You will be part of the Dashmote Engineering team which consists of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Software Engineers, and Data Analysts collaborating together from cities like Amsterdam and Shanghai (or currently working from home). Dashmote’s primary goal is to provide a fully automated data & analytics solution for clients to help them win more business on a global scale.


作为前端开发工程师,您将参与开发 Dashmote 的新一代DaaS(数据即服务)应用程序和BI应用程序,以确保向我们的客户顺利交付分析解决方案和数据访问平台。您将成为Dashmote工程师团队的一员。


Main Responsibilities

1. Work on designing and building DaaS/BI applications on a JS or Flutter stack.

2. Build REST APIs & manage data storage infrastructure like Postgres and DWH for the applications

3. Build UI for users and admins


1. 在Vue stack/flutter上设计和构建DaaS/BI应用程序

2. 为应用程序构建REST API并管理Postgres和DWH等数据存储基础架构

3. 为用户和管理员构建UI

Job requirements

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field

2. Relevant experience in front-end development is preferred

3. Fluent in English

4. Experience with a popular JS Framework (Vue/React) or Flutter (Mobile + Web)

5. Good understanding of (non-)relational databases, and data warehousing concepts

6. Exposure to DevOps environments with CI/CD tools (e.g. Jenkins, Github Actions, etc.)

7. Good code practice. Familiar with test-driven development

8. Experience with Python, AWS Services (e.g.S3, Athena, and DynamoDB), and container technologies (Docker) is a big plus

9. Full-time availability


1. 计算机科学、工程或类似领域的学士或以上学历

2. 有前端开发相关经验者优先

3. 英语流利(必须)

4. 有常用的JS框架(Vue或React)或Flutter(mobile + web)经验者优先

5. 对(非)关系数据库和数据仓库概念有很好的理解

6. 接触过 CI/CD 工具(例如Jenkins、Github Actions等)在DevOps 环境的使用

7. 有良好的编程习惯,熟悉测试驱动的开发

8. 有Python、AWS服务(例如S3、Athena 和 DynamoDB)和容器技术(Docker)经验者优先


What’s in it for you

1. Office located at the center of Shanghai (near Jiang’an Temple, convenient transportation;

2. Growing company full of opportunities & awarded by Google, McKinsey, and Rocket Internet for best B2B startup in Europe;

3. Working within an international team that truly values your contribution;

4. An awesome culture of responsibility and the freedom to turn your ambition into reality - regardless of your role and level;

5. You'll have the freedom to really own your role and implement your own ideas;

6. Flexibility to work from home and work on-site;

7. Exciting work atmosphere with no shortage of fun team events, gatherings, and snacks at the office;

8. We don’t work overtime. We encourage our employees to have their own life after work.


1. 工作地址在上海市区(江苏路地铁站附近),交通生活便利;

2. 我们是被Google, 麦肯锡和Rocket Internet认证的欧洲最佳B2B创业公司;

3. 你的能力及贡献将会收获团队小伙伴们的真诚认可;

4. 我们会为你提供一个充分发挥才华,施展抱负的舞台;

5. 你的工作你做主,你的任何想法都会得到尊重;

6. 灵活弹性的办公制度,根据实际情况可适度远程办公;

7. 轻松的工作氛围和丰富的团队活动;

8. 我们不加班,我们鼓励员工下班后有属于自己的丰富生活。